Here at Matchwomen’s Festival, visitors can get a complete insight into all the details regarding the past and future, which are associated with the movement in question. Our sole purpose is to maintain the belief those women were able to set and to never let people forget about them.

Each year, Matchwomen’s Festival is celebrated in the United Kingdom and each year we are trying to make it more and more popular. Truthfully, our mission isn’t difficult, due to the fact people are interested in this type of history. It was a game changer and it is something that shaped the world it is today.

Perhaps we are small, but we are constantly growing. Soon, we will be able to offer you much more interesting things and something else, you will definitely appreciate. All you have to do is to visit us occasionally.

The best and the main advantage are the tickets you can obtain right here. All of them are available a few weeks before the festival and all of them are available to you, regardless of the part of the world you are. Furthermore, we have plenty of additional things you will appreciate.

Our history is responsible for our future, therefore we must nourish it.  Matchwomen’s Festival is a place specifically developed for this purpose, but we are in the mood for additional pieces of history which are known for making the world a better place. All of you interested in this specific type of history are welcome to visit us at any given moment.