Opportunities for Women in Information Technology

January 18, 2022
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The information technology (IT) industry is one of Australia’s fastest-growing and dynamic industries. In the IT workforce, women dominate a percentage of roles. Currently, women make up approximately 54% of the workforce in Australia. With the market continuing to grow, companies are looking for ways to maximize their competitive advantage and boost productivity. Increasing the number of women in IT is one way to help achieve this. Here are opportunities for women in IT in Australia.

Word Processing Operator

This position involves the use of office equipment to operate computer-generated business correspondence. Typing ability is very important in this role as successful job applicants must produce a high volume of work in a short space of time. They must also be proficient with Microsoft Word and other applications found within an office environment.

IT Support Staff

Individuals in this role support and maintain computer systems and applications on the office network and remotely. This requires a good understanding of networks, common operating system tools, and troubleshooting skills. The ability to work well under pressure is important as there is often a high workload dealing with multiple issues at any given time.

Network Administrator

This role is responsible for setting up, maintaining, troubleshooting, and administering local networks. This includes computers servers, printers, routers, wireless networking equipment, and other related devices used within an office environment. Typically network administrators require a minimum of three years of experience in the industry to earn a good salary, so it may be best to consider gaining relevant work experience first.

Computer Operators

Individuals in this role are responsible for performing simple troubleshooting tasks and loading and unloading programs on computers. They may also be required to run equipment tests to ensure that all software is working correctly before being released into the office network.

Data Entry Operator

The main responsibility of these workers is to ensure that office information is accurately entered into computer databases. Employees in this role need to have very good spelling, typing, and keyboarding skills and strong attention to detail.

Systems Tester

Individuals in this role are responsible for testing computer software to ensure it works correctly. This requires a thorough knowledge of any IT systems within the business and the ability to identify bugs and errors within code. Companies like OnPlatinum ICT have equal opportunities for women within the company. So regardless of your gender, you’re able to compete for opportunities based on merit and skill.

Web Developer

This role involves the design and development of websites for a variety of different purposes, including e-commerce. Web developers require several skills to be successful in this role, such as technical knowledge concerning coding languages and creative flair to create engaging user experiences.

Computer Systems Analyst

Individuals in this role are responsible for designing and creating new technologies to solve company-wide problems. This requires a high understanding of computer hardware, software, and business systems.

Data Analyst

These employees deal with large volumes of data to create accurate reports that management can use to make strategic decisions about the company’s plans.

Security Analyst

Individuals in this role are responsible for monitoring its network to ensure that it is secure from external threats. This involves an in-depth knowledge of security systems and protocols and strong communication skills to deal with co-workers and clients.

Project Coordinator

This position deals with several different tasks, including managing projects from start to finish. Therefore, employees in this role must be highly organized and have strong time management skills. Attention to detail is also important as there are often many different meetings to attend that require detailed notes.

Office Administration

These duties are related to the administrative side of running an office. Responsibilities could involve managing and updating databases and filing systems, making travel arrangements, handling memos and reports, and providing clerical support for operating managers.


The opportunities for women in the IT industry are endless. There are so many different job roles that require a range of skills and insights that women can be just as successful as men when they pursue this field of study or career path.…

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Before And After Matchwomen’s Strike

September 6, 2017
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Matchwomen’s strike was the first, major strike in the United Kingdom. It occurred in 1888 at Byrant and May factory in East London. The working conditions were terrible and the secrets behind closed doors were even worse. The strike changed most of that and now we will reveal the labor conditions before and after.

Before the strike

Years before the strike, women were earning 4-8 shillings per a week. Of that money, they would have to pay 2 shillings for a single room. The working hours were between 6:30 a.m. in the summer and 8:00 a.m. in winter, till 6 p.m. There were two breaks, one of 30 minutes for breakfast and the last one for dinner, of one hour. Only younger women and children were abed to work. Children would sleep in the factory and they would eat bread, butter and drink tea each day.

Probably the most dangerous issue was phosphorus poisoning. It is an essential element for human health, but in large amounts, it will cause phosphorus poisoning. All matches have phosphorus, therefore it was the most common ingredient in the factory. Children would develop breathing complications and women would get necrosis of the jaw bone!

For dirty bench or area under it, a woman could get a fine of 3d! Other, even more, dangerous fines were common and mostly directed towards women.

After the strike

The Matchwomen’s strike lasted only 3 weeks and during that time, the owners of the company tried to prove that women were working in great conditions! They used their relations with the press to spread lies. Luckily, the women, 200 of them didn’t break down and they managed to win several improvements.

The main aspect of the strike was to increase the wages. Women after the strike wouldn’t be fined with the fines and they would have much higher salaries, although some details are unknown. The new contract also restored some jobs in the factory and provided safer working conditions. One of the most relevant objectives of the strike as to allow to women to form a union and the owners of the factory would have to obey it. The union should protect the women from salary deductions which were common as well. For example, Byrant has been deducting 1p of each salary for political reasons!

The Matchwomen’s Union didn’t last long and it ended its existence in 1903, but the amazing effect it had on the society while it existed is still impressive. One year after the strike, the union changed its rules and it opened its doors for men as well.

During the strike, Byrant and May claimed that they will transfer the factory to Norway or that they will hire new workers. Not a single woman left the strike for those claims.


Matchwomen’s strike and later union, had an impressive and the most important effect on working conditions as we know today. It was the first strike of its kind and Matchwomen’s festival is something we must keep within ourselves forever, in order to never forget the success those women achieved.…

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